+Morgan, 21, australia.

i'll fix this eventually. for now - click *here* for a little more about me

"‘Nobody wants a real job anymore. Everyone wants to be Alexa Chung’"
— Noel Fielding (via cigahrett)
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  • Name: morgan
  • Nickname: people call me morgs idk if i like it though
  • Height: 5ft5
  • Relationship status: single 
  • Birthday: 28/09
  • Favorite color: pink
  • Favorite singer/band: to save time i’m gonna say 1d
  • Last song listened: laughter lines - bastille
  • Last movie watched: i attempted to watch drinking buddies but it was shit so i’m gonna say frozen
  • Favorite bookharry potter series
  • Last book read: last book i finished was insurgent
  • Currently reading: about to start the maze runner
  • # of siblings: two sisters
  • # of pets: uh a shit load of cats
  • Best school subject: history probs
  • Mac or PC? mac
  • Cell phone type: iphone 5 (it sux go samsung)
  • Current shirt color:  blue
  • Gamer?: sims 4eva
  • Day or night?: night cos i get to sleep
  • Summer or winter?: whenever it’s 28 degrees with a slight breeze
  • Most-visited website? tumblr probs
  • Celebrity crushes: definitely not harry styles what an asshole (it is harry styles)

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